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Our mission is to help you identify your source of pain, release it, and then develop a path to move forward







Reiki Level I-IV

Unlock the power of Reiki in four transformative levels: Level 1 starts your journey with self-healing, while Level 4 empowers you to become a Reiki Master Teacher(RMT), guiding others on a profound path of healing and spiritual growth. Explore the world of Reiki and discover how it can enhance your well-being, both personally and as a healer, in this captivating journey of energy and transformation

IET® Level I-III

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)® is a powerful healing practice designed to help clear emotional baggage, connect with angelic energies, and uncover your soul's purpose. Through three levels of training, you'll learn to release past traumas and limitations, paving the way for a more fulfilled and balanced life. Discover how IET® can transform your well-being and spirituality by exploring its levels and techniques.


Experience the transformative power of meditation, as it soothes your mind and elevates your spirit, offering a sanctuary of serenity in today's chaotic world. Embrace a life enriched with inner peace, heightened clarity, and a profound connection to your inner self, paving the way for a more fulfilled and balanced existence

Spiritual Life Coach

Embark on a soul-enriching voyage with a Spiritual Life Coach, where you'll uncover your true purpose and find inner peace like never before. Discover the profound joy of living a purpose-driven life and the boundless potential that awaits you on this extraordinary spiritual journey.


Unlock the profound insights and guidance you seek with the services of a Medium, connecting you to a world of wisdom beyond the ordinary. Experience a transformative journey toward clarity, healing, and newfound purpose through the extraordinary gifts of a Medium.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing taps into the earth's natural energies, offering a serene escape from the chaos of daily life and a pathway to inner harmony. These radiant gems not only beautify your space but also promise to rejuvenate your soul, inviting you to explore their mysterious, transformative powers.

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11:00 am -

12:00 pm PDT

YS - Yoga Sculpt - Mask Optional

Lorium ipsum set amit,


12:30 pm -

1:30 pm PDT

C2 - CorePower Yoga 2 - Mask Optional

Lorium ipsum set amit,


2:00 pm -

3:00 pm PDT

HPF- Hot Power Fusion - Mask Optional

Lorium ipsum set amit,


3:30 pm -

4:30 pm PDT

C2 - CorePower Yoga 2 - Mask Optional

Lorium ipsum set amit,

Daphne Wright-Gilstrap

Daphne Wright-Gilstrap is a 25+ year retired Teacher & Education Administrator, who holds a B.A. in Economics and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. Post retirement, she turned to her love of spiritual & emotional wellness using holistic modalities.

In 2016, she opened Midlantic Wellness Center, LLC where she services clients both domestically and internationally.

Her wellness certifications include:

• Spiritual Life Coach

• Medium & End of Life Doula

• Certified Reiki & Integrated Energy Therapy (IET®) Master Instructor

• Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner

• Sound Healing Practitioner

The Midlantic WellnessCenter adheres to the professional and ethical standards drafted by the International Association of Reiki Professionals.


“I highly recommendation Daphne Wright-Gilstrap of Midlantic Reiki Center. When I receive any type of evaluation, healing, or reading , the manner and approach of the healer makes all the difference. Daphne’s gentle, clear, and open manner puts me at ease, instantly! This, combined with all of her gifts and talents has been a source of clarity, healing, guidance and growth! Rarely,have I met a healer with abilities in so many areas! Daphne Wright-Gilstrap will remain in rotation for whenever the need arise"

- Carmen C

“I have relied on Daphne’s knowledge and use of crystals to help me with some of my physical ailments. My sessions are always tailored to fit the treatment I need for that day and I always leave feeling refreshed and relaxed. She is a talented medium along with many other talents. I highly recommend that you treat yourself to a session.”

- John L

“I was very impressed with the Reiki and crystal session that I received from Daphne of Midlantic Wellness Center! It really helped me during a time when I needed clarity, and she definitely has the expertise that I was seeking. To understand it, you have to experience it!”

- Nicole D

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